Story Places People

StoryPlaces is an interdisciplinary project that is drawing on expertise from Computer Science, English, and the University's iSolutions team.

The Research Team

Dr. David Millard ( is Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton, and the principle investigator of StoryPlaces. David has been involved in location-based information systems, hypertext modelling and interactive narratives for over fifteen years. He is the principle contact for the project.

Dr. Charlie Hargood ( is Senior Lecturer in Games Design at the University of Bournemouth, and previously the ECS Research Fellow on StoryPlaces responsible for the design of the StoryPlaces engine.

Dr. Verity Hunt ( is a Research Fellow on StoryPlaces, based in the English department, and responsible for developing poetic theory around locative storytelling.

Dr. Yvonne Howard ( is a Senior Teaching Fellow at Southampton University, based in ECS, and responsible the co-design and engagement activities at Bournemouth and Crystal Palace.

Dr. Heather Packer ( is one of the ECS Research Fellows on StoryPlaces, leading on the data analysis and experimental aspects of the project at Bournemouth and Crystal Palace.

Dr. Petros Papadopoulos ( is one of the ECS Research Fellows on StoryPlaces, leading on system development and the technical infrastructure for the Crystal Palace deployment.

Steering Group

Dr. Will May is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of English at the University of Southampton. He is a member of the Centre for Modern and Contemporary Writing (CMCW), and oversaw the student writing process for the Southampton deployment.

Dr. James Jordan is Karten Lecturer at the Parkes Institute for Jewish/non-Jewish Relations, University of Southampton. James supported the student writers on the Southampton deployment around the Emigrants’ Home.

Philip Hoare is a visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton, and Leverhulme Artist in Residence at the Marine Institute, Plymouth University. An experienced writer and broadcaster, Philip worked to support writers during the Southampton deployment, and was the main liaison with the BNSS for the Bournemouth deployment.

Dr. Mark Weal is an Associate Professor of Web Science at the University of Southampton, with experience of information infrastructures for multi-user pervasive experiences. Mark has supported the technical development of the StoryPlaces hypertext models.

Additional Support

We would also like to thank the members of the University's iSolutions team who have made huge contributions to the StoryPlaces codebase. In particular, Pat McSweeney, Andy Day, and Kevin Puplett, who rewrote the StoryPlaces client for the Aurelia framework, and created the first version of our authoring tool.